We daily excess
your expectations
We daily excess
your expectations
4.5% daily for 32 days
3.5% daily for 100 days
Automatic payouts
We love what we do: delivering results that amaze our clients

“Exactness is our topmost resource. It is not restricted within the walls of our trading department, nor to our algorithms. It spills over and thrives in each and every part of GEARS. Our desire to make perfect trades is born of our love to perfection, to invent things that really capture one's imagination.

My name is Finn McCarthy, and I’m the founder and general partner of GEARS Investments. My first trading job was on the stock exchange floor, and I remember it being completely chaotic: people yelling, screaming, throwing things. Truly exciting.

The crypto-trading capability that we have that I’m most proud of is when I looked and learned from equities, and we applied the opportunity to deploy algorithms and algorithmic trading into cryptocurrencies. I feel like we were cutting edge in moving what was clearly a successful product in equities over to cryptos, and it has been a real differentiator for our company.

This deep neural network make trading very efficient by automating the minute decisions, allowing the traders to focus on making the trades that really count. Like perfectly-fitted gears in exclusive Swiss watches, the system is ideally tuned and time-tested to deliver top performance. It’s this dedication to providing the best online investment services that makes GEARS the program of the future. ”

Working in tandem with innovations, it's our people that propels us forward. Professionals on the trading side will always be important.
Machine algorithms are only half of the story

“There’s no doubt our neural network is going to continue to evolve, but I don’t believe it will be devoid of humans. It’s very hard to predit what’s next in trading, so it’s extremely important that we created an environment where our traders continue to experiment and try lots of different things, some of which hopefully become critically important to our business; others which clearly will not work, but it’s ok. And I think it’s just really important we have a really creative environment where people can not be afraid to fail and continue to experiment.”

Olivia Pawlak,
Managing Partner and Lead Trader

We emphasize three “NO”:
No loss. No delays. No tricks.

We will use only proven strategies powered by the data from millions of prior simulations. Safety of our clients' funds is one of our primary concerns.

We will never delay with payouts. One of the measures we implemented for that purpose is to make payments automatically and rely only on the Bitcoin blockchain.

And we will definitely never try to trick our clients, like surprising them with hidden fees or decreased interest rates.

Our approach to trading knows no limits in regard to accuracy, timing and safety.
LEARNING FROM experience: A JOURNEY just Begun

Our tremendous experience in trading cryptos for private clients and significant technological advances in our ability around machine learning allow us to put innovation and technology at the service of art, matching safety with efficiency, in continuing to generate high levels of profit for many years to come.